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Get the best possible exposure for your products in stores and increase your sales!


Déclic In store is a wide range of services offered by our agency within your points of sale in order to enhance your brand image and to guarantee a better exposure of your products.

Our experience in the field of In-Store services goes back 22 years. We started our merchandising activities in 2000 and trade marketing activities in 2001.

The objective of our In Store Marketing agency is to increase the visibility of your brands and products in the points of sale and thus increase your sales and your notoriety through turnkey solutions in order to guarantee your commercial success.

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An outstanding experience

You can enrich and improve your customers’ experience at store level with our Merchandising, Sales Promotion, New Product Launch Operations, and Survey and Research services.

You can also measure your operational excellence and compare your performance at the point of sale with that of your competitors with our Mystery Shopper service.

We adapt with the changes of the market and we evolve with it, in order to offer you a quality service that allows you to reach your objectives.



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The Benefits OF OUR In-Store SERVICES

Enriching the experience of your customers and prospects in the stores

Improving the exposure and visibility of your products in stores

Presentation of new products and of their properties to clients.

Increase your sales with a variety of point-of-sale promotions



Déclic your Merchandising agency in Tunisia puts at your disposal its teams of Merchandisers in order to improve the presence and the visibility of your products. We ensure you an excellent management of products and shelves in the points of sale as well as solutions for the presentation of your products on the shelves; gondolas, or POS/ILV according to your needs.

The main objective of our Merchandising service is to attract your target customer to make a purchase.

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There is no randomness!

The way we arrange your products depends on market data, buyer personas and moreover, our merchandising also adapts to customer needs and events (sales periods, vacation periods, etc.).


To accomplish all our operations, our Merchandising agency relies on the best technologies of the market! Déclic Marketing Agency is the official partner of eLeader in Tunisia. 

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POS Animation

Our agency specialized in animation on the points of sale puts at your disposal animators to represent your brand to the customers in order to increase their loyalty and your sales. 

According to your needs, we offer you a wide range of operations, thanks to our large network of collaborators, we offer you the best profile to be the voice of your brand in the points of sale.

We also ensure the design of stands & desks to put forward your promotional offers in the stores. 

Product Launching

With our Product Launch service, we offer you innovative and well-thought-out solutions for successful implementations.

We also help you in the strategic choices to guarantee you an effective launch. Depending on the type of product and its target, we recommend how to display it, in which points of sale, and even in which geographical area, in order to ensure maximum efficiency of your product release campaign.

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Field force

You already have a sales team and you want to increase your workforce? We deploy for you a tailored sales force in line with your objectives.

Our mission is to provide you with a dedicated team to cover your staffing shortage with expert team leaders dedicated mainly to your brand in order to strengthen your sales force.

We assure you that our teams are professional and qualified, they master all the necessary skills including negotiation, promotion and good communication.

Our teams will also be fed with all the knowledge related to your target, your market and your product.

Sales Promotion

Vu l’importance de votre produit aux yeux des consommateurs, Déclic Marketing Agency vous assure le bon profil pour présenter et représenter votre marque dans les points de vente, et pour accompagner vos futurs clients dans leurs choix. On met à votre disposition un promoteur ou une promotrice avec une excellente capacité de communication qui a pour mission de présenter le produit aux clients, de donner les informations nécessaires sur le produit, d’expliquer ses caractéristiques techniques et son fonctionnement, de répondre aux questions et de persuader vos prospects de l’acheter .

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Mystery shopper

The quality of your customers’ shopping experience is crucial for your business. For this reason, Déclic Marketing Agency allows you to have mystery customers or auditors to measure your operational excellence, detect your problems in the points of sale and to have an idea on your service quality.

Thus our agency proposes you a Benchmarking service, which allows you to have an occasional or permanent monitoring on the products, the operational practices and the commercial actions of your competitors.

Our objective is to give you a global evaluation of the performance of your products and to provide you with the necessary recommendations to get more profit, differentiate yourself from your competitors and better satisfy your customers.

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Enquêtes de satisfaction

Satisfaction surveys

In order to ensure the success of your business, we dedicate an entire team to conduct customer satisfaction surveys to analyze your current situation, detect your problems, understand what your customers think of your products or services, your brand or your client support. Most of the time, a satisfaction survey provides you with valuable information that allows your product team to focus on meeting your customers’ expectations. We guarantee the speed and efficiency of these surveys thanks to our qualified teams.

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