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Let your targets discover you outside the point of sale !

Déclic Out-Store Marketing Agency

Your satisfaction is our goal! At Déclic Marketing Agency, we are convinced that you must reach your targets not only in your points of sale but also OUTSTORE. That’s why we dedicate our professional field teams to reach your customers where they are.

Our agency’s Out Store campaigns will allow your brand to be more visible and have the possibility to go viral.

Our Out Store service is a very original and fun way of marketing animation. Thanks to our Outdoor animation you can get closer to your customers. In addition to the simple ordinary framework in a point of sale, Déclic Marketing Agency allows you to have several other points of contact with your customers through services adapted to your objectives and targets.

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Since the beginning we have always tried to live up to the expectations of our clients. No matter what your communication objective is, which may be to promote an event, to pass on an advertising message, or to communicate about your product/service, we allow you to popularize your brand image as much as possible through the events we organize and the street marketing actions such as promotional tours, exhibition stands, road shows and commercial animations.

We dedicate our staff to analyze and understand your needs and objectives, then plan and execute your outdoor actions in an efficient way, in order to guarantee the satisfaction of your target audience and to bring you the results you want.

With an experience of more than 22 years we excel in the field of Out Store services, we always evolve by implementing creative ideas and new technologies in order to keep the trust of our clients.

Déclic Marketing Agency offers a wide range of out store services, including street marketing, road shows, promotional tours (beach, souk, Sahara), exhibition stands, commercial animations, event organization and more!


The Benefits OF OUR Outdoor SERVICES

Strengthen your brand awareness

Always be close to your customers

Offer your audience original experiences

Get the opportunity to go viral


Street Marketing

Our motto is to be always creative with our ideas and activities in order to shake up the ordinary, with various operations according to your specific needs.

Our Street Marketing agency targets your customer by going out of the classical circuits of advertising. The idea is to get closer to your target! Our Street Marketing actions such as Roads Shows and promotional tours will break the routine of your target and allow him to live a new unique experience with your brand.

Our mission will be to innovate your customer journey by carrying out Street Marketing to surprise and capture your clients in their daily life.

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rely on our expertise !

Our level of expertise in this field was not offered, it is the result of a constant effort of an efficient field team, dedicated to convey your brand image in a dynamic and effective way.

Our street marketing agency prepares a strategic plan for you, from creative ideas, to the definition of the most appropriate locations, to the determination of an experienced field team and finally to an excellent execution of your events.

Our goal is to have your consumers remember your company in a memorable way.


Déclic, your event agency in Tunisia, will always listen to all your requests in order to offer you a tailor-made event adapted to your particular requirements. We assure you that our operations will offer your guests a unique experience with your brand. Thanks to our expertise in this field, we guarantee the success of all your events. Our events range from a simple seminar to a large-scale corporate event, whether for an internal audience (seminars, forums and meetings), a targeted audience (congresses, symposiums, exhibitions…), or a general public (parties…), our expert team is at your disposal.

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